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Battlefield 4 VIP
« on: November 26, 2017, 04:35:39 PM »
VIP Is available for our BF4 server this is available for 1 GBP per 30 days. please visit this link and make your payment.

Once you have paid Please make a new post in this thread with your ingame name stating how much you have paid and we will add you to the VIP.

Vip comes with Reserve slot (get on the server even if full)
Lead squad (whilst in a squad and you want to lead it just type !lead)
and VIP whitelist (sometimes people get kicked when a VIP enters the server) well this wont happen to you. 
Plus, VIP's Mapvote counts for 3 votes e.g you vote for metro your vote counts as 3 people voting for that map.

alternatively if you dont want to pay, you can populate the server (populate is help fill the server above 20 players from empty ) if you do this 5 times in 1 week* or 10 times in 2 weeks* you will automatically be added to VIP /Reserve slot. You will receive the same perks as a paid VIP if you help populate.

NB * to keep your free VIP Active you must continue to populate @ 5 times for 1 week or 10 times in 2 weeks otherwise your VIP will be removed and you will have to start from zero again.

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