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Wanted Forever
« on: October 07, 2017, 08:04:02 AM »
Ok so all good for Gankers like me, pilot federation fines :) im wanted after an evening of pvp using crimes on crimes off. We are all wanted and have no means of paying the bounty, only way to clear the bounty is"pain of death" im flying a small ships to help this rebuy but cant pay the fines regardless.! The fine is galaxy wide so no safe haven apart from Anarchy systems. This sounds good for most players? So what will happen next? Ganking spree defo, cant pay so may as well gank commanders. Rebuy thing was going to work agains me but its now my bestie :) PVP is back on a massive scale, may as well be wanted for the same cost as my rebuy, lol they fucked up there. Open play is now better than before, fly safe o7
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