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Example application (about yourself)
« on: December 07, 2014, 01:55:52 PM »

Hey - I have recently been playing on Anarchy UK's servers and I really like the rules and ethics, Server 1 is my favourite.
I have a lot of experience in a range of games, been playing games since age 1 according my old folks, first PC was an atari 5200ST
When i used to play a bunch of games Semi professionally including CSS where, I won a 1v1 Europe Sniper Championship, but 18+ hours a week training became tedious. now i only play for fun. I just got back into BF4. i used to be known by friends as the "Lick the Wind" of the group constantly getting RPG Heli/jet/tank kills across the map even under fire. Been practising this again in the last few days not their yet but getting there :sick:

Fun Facts:
Never lost a On-line Match In Virtual Fighter 5 140 Wins - 0 losses
i rarely drink, dont need to drink to have fun
i love banter :sick:
i have a lot of Qualification in IT field

Some Games Genres i like are:

My current PC rig is,
i7 5930K - 6 Cores - 12 Threads
ASUS X99 WS-E ( 7 PCI-e 16x Lanes!)
3X 128GB SSD's - 1x 3TB
2 x 980GTX
1300w Superflower PSU Corsair
carbide 540 case
27" ROG Swift
2x 22" 1080p Dell
1x 27" Samung 950D
1x 29" DEll 2913WM

i Retrreat to the man-cave when gaming to get away from the GF
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